FLY V— FOREVER LIVE YOUNG: A symbolic icon of wellness & empowerment.

FLY V is a symbolic icon of wellness & empowerment. The FLY V acronym for the word fly is: Forever. Live. Young. Meaning to always push towards your goals with a youthful spirit! The “V” is symbolization of that wellness and empowerment. The letter V is the only alphabet that has 1 origin and grows upward in 2 different directions, which to us means, no matter which direction you grow in life always remember where you started. FOREVER. LIVE. YOUNG.

It is with great pride, style, and excitement that we introduce a stylish and vastly growing apparel brand, FLY V. Native to Birmingham, AL and neighboring Atlanta, GA, FLY V has began its influence throughout the Southeast and Nationwide.

While being fashionably competitive, FLY V is also an annual supporter of VSNS Inc. non-profit organization which promotes wellness & empowerment to the community. As a stylish T-shirt/Apparel Collection, FLY V strives to symbolize those who share similar qualities of wanting to be stylish, youthful, and self-empowered individuals. The FLY V Collection is on the rise, as we continue to uphold empowering style.

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