FLY V— FOREVER LIVE YOUNG: A symbolic icon of wellness & empowerment.

FLY V, is an acronym which stands for: FOREVER. LIVE. YOUNG. The letter “V” is symbolization of wellness & empowerment. It’s the only letter that has 1 origin and grows upward with all positive motion when written correctly, hence our “winged-V logo”!  You will only see positive imagery, no guns, no money bags, or evil characters. 

We Salute All Who Has A Positive Influence For The Culture!

It is with great pride, style, and excitement that we introduce a stylish, positive, and vastly growing apparel brand, FLY V. Native to Birmingham, AL and neighboring Atlanta, GA, FLY V has began its influence throughout the Southeast and Nationwide.

While being fashionably competitive, FLY V is also an annual supporter of VSNS Inc. non-profit organization which promotes wellness & empowerment to the community. As a stylish T-shirt/Apparel Collection, FLY V strives to symbolize those who share similar qualities of wanting to be stylish, youthful, and self-empowered individuals. The FLY V Collection is on the rise, as we continue to uphold empowering style.

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320 17th St. N Bham, AL 35203